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Joint-Use Libraries: Home

Basic information about joint-use libraries, with bibliographies.

ALA Library Fact Sheet Number 20

Joint use libraries, also known as combined libraries, dual use libraries, integrated libraries, co-managed libraries, or cooperative libraries, are a special form of library cooperation. Joint-use libraries are those where two separate library service providers use the same building to serve distinct clienteles. Such libraries are most often public libraries combined with school library media centers or public libraries combined with academic libraries, but other types exist.

What's in this guide?

This guide began over a decade ago as the answer to the question, "Where can I learn about joint-use libraries?" and as such continues to be largely selected lists of articles, books, and web sites covering the subject of combined and joint-use libraries. The references to general discussions, as well as those for the two most common types of combined libraries, public libraries combined with school libraries and public libraries combined with academic libraries, are on the other tabs, without links to online articles. 

For citations prior to 1998, please contact us; or see Rashelle Schlessinger Karp's "The literature of joint-use libraries." In Advances In Library Administration & Organization, V14, 1996 (January 1996): 227-71. The Georgia Public Library Service also compiled a bibliography of materials in its collection in 2007.

General resources and checklists

The most common reason librarians (or trustees of libraries) contact us is for information as background for a discussion on whether to pursue a joint-use model locally.  Some of the basic resources for this purpose are these:


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