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Book Donation Programs: International Donations

Information about how to donate books to needy libraries. Also includes resources for those seeking donations.


Please be aware that the American Library Association does not accept or distribute donations of books or any other materials. This Guide provides information on some of the groups and organizations that do handle book donations.

Book Donations Overseas

The "International Donation and Shipment of Books" information prepared by our International Relations Office offers guidelines on donating books internationally.  Many organizations listed in that resource, or in this Guide, do not accept used books.  If you do wish to donate used books, please note:

Books that are outdated, damaged, and worthless are going to be just as useless abroad. Make sure that the information is going to be useful to the schools or people receiving them and that the information is in a language that they can read and understand. Finally, the materials must be culturally appropriate for the audience that is going to receive them.

The Peace Corps publishes a pamphlet, "Sources of Donated Books for Schools and Libraries, listing guidelines for requesting donations and possible sources of donations.The guide explains Peace Corps policy on accepting donations, suggestions for sourcing locally, recommendations for screening donations for suitability against the library collection development policy, and possible hidden costs.