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Library Disaster Preparedness & Response: Disaster Response

Putting a plan in place before a disaster strikes, and what to do when disaster does strike

Selected Resources for Response and Recovery

Recovery of Library Materials

Response Resources

Strudwick, Jane. "A Selected Bibliography of Library Disaster Stories: Before, During, and After." Public Library Quarterly 25, no. 3-4 (2006): 7-16. doi:10.1300/j118v25n03_02.

Zach, Lisl, and Michelynn McKnight. "Special Services in Special Times - Responding to Changed Information Needs During and After Community-Based Disasters." Public Libraries 49, no. 2 (2010): 37.  Article Examines the Differences between Traditional Disaster Planning and Planning for Responsive Information Services and Probes the Special Information Needs of Users in Communities Affected by Disasters.

Where to find Library Vendors

A general web search for <library vendors disaster recovery> will bring up many resources to find vendors, some specific geographic areas.