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Moving or Relocating a Library: Home

Resources to help libraries to physically relocate their collections.

Finding Movers

The American Library Association (ALA) is often asked for the names, addresses, and phone numbers of companies that assist in the moving and relocation of libraries. The ALA does not endorse products or companies. Neither can the ALA refer anyone to a specific company, as this would necessarily preclude naming other companies whose products are as good (or better) than the one named. Please see Library Moving Companies in the American Libraries Buyers Guide for a list of library movers and moving companies; those companies which regularly exhibit at our conferences are so indicated. 

Online Resources about Moving Library Collections

Additional resources can be found by doing a web search using the terms shifting library stacks. This will provide results for both shifting items within a library (moving stacks) and major moves involving relocating building contents.

Books and Articles about Library Relocation


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