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Library Service to Persons with Disabilities: Selected Bibliography

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Assistive Technologies in the Library

There are plenty of products out there for making information accessible to all users, but how can administrators and managers determine which are the most practical and economical for their particular library?

Crash Course in Library Services to People with Disabilities

This book helps libraries identify and implement new ways to serve their physically or mentally disabled patients.

Creating Inclusive Library Environments

A guide to help librarians that are continually faced with challenges of how to best meet the needs of patrons with disabilities, whether those patrons have physical or intellectual disabilities, differing learning styles, or even temporary problems which impact their access and may change over time.

Library Programming for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Public libraries everywhere have embraced inclusion and expanded their programming for youth with disabilities, especially autism. Klipper and Banks, two librarians with a long-standing focus on inclusivity, combine research-based theory and an introduction to best practices with details on how to replicate field-tested programs for adults with developmental disabilities (DD).

Library Programming for Autistic Children and Teens

Those who understand the unique characteristics of autistic young people know that ordinary library programming guides are not up to the task of effectively serving these library users. Well qualified to speak to this need, Anderson is an educator, library researcher, and former public librarian who has helped to develop two IMLS funded initiatives that train library workers to better understand and serve autistic patrons.

Library Services for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Farmer offers librarians in or outside a school environment all the information they need to build a library literacy program geared towards children with autism spectrum disorders.

Planning for Library Services to People with Disabilities

Every public library must provide equal services to any person requesting them, regardless of disability. Rubin has created a planning process to ensure that libraries consider all of the issues necessary to comply with the law.

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