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Preservation: General Resources

This LibGuide offers resources to guide libraries in the provision of long-term access to the physical and intellectual contents of their collections through conservation, preservation, and digitization.
Icon of an upturned hand under an icon of an open book with text that reads: PreservationThe American Library Association’s policy on preservation is based on the Association’s mission to enhance learning and ensure access to information for all. The policy's goal is to preserve our cultural heritage and ensure access to information in a usable and trustworthy form. ALA affirms that the preservation of library resources protects the public’s right to the free flow of information as embodied in the First Amendment to the Constitution and the Library Bill of Rights.

This resource guide includes general preservation resources, information on special topics in preservation such as binding, microforms, digitization, and copyright, and a selected bibliography on preservation topics.

General Preservation Resources

Supplemental Resources on Preservation

For additional resources on preservation, do a web search for <preservation libguides>.